A lot of affiliate marketers come and go in this business. Many of them come in talking a big game. In fact a lot of them make a lot of noise. It’s very easy to fall for the hype. It’s very easy to think that a lot of these people know exactly what they’re talking about. After all, they’re talking about Making Money on Clickbank.

But just as day follows night, a lot of these marketers all too predictably fail. They become quiet sooner rather than later. The reason for this, of course, is that they look to get traffic from all the wrong places. Once they do get access to potentially lucrative traffic, they end up dropping the ball. One good example of this is forum marketing.

Make no mistake, it would be great to put your product information in front of the eyeballs of people who have demonstrated in no uncertain terms that they are interested in the solutions your products bring to the table. You may be thinking that this is a slam-dunk. You might be under the impression that this is like shooting fish in a barrel.

I can’t blame you for thinking that way. It seems so easy. But somewhere along the line, they drop the ball. How come? Well, this is very easy to do with forum marketing because when you go on a forum, it seems that everybody there is already talking about a fairly narrow set of problems. It’s very tempting to just put your link in front of these eyeballs and call it a day.

That’s precisely what too many marketers do. Here’s the problem, what they’re doing is spam. Nothing more, nothing less. This is why it’s really important to understand the #1 success ingredient in forum marketing. It doesn’t matter whether you’re promoting Clickbank or not. It doesn’t matter whether you’re promoting products or services.

If you understand this key success ingredient in forum marketing, you will win consistently. What am I talking about? What is the #1 success ingredient in forum marketing? It’s credibility. That’s all it is.

You have to market on forums using your credibility. How do you build credibility? Again, it’s very simple. You just post and interact and engage. That’s what forums are for. These are like online watering holes. People show up to these places, partly to share information, and party to socialize.

If you engage in those behaviors an you give people information that they can see is legit and trustworthy, you become authoritative. People, sooner or later, start giving you the benefit of the doubt. Once you reach that point, you can then start marketing your own stuff.

Since they are giving you the benefit of the doubt, a lot of the traffic you get from your forum marketing efforts are more likely to convert. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t think they have all the time and patience to do this. So, what do they do? They find all sorts of forums and look for related discussions and they just drop a link.

Final Thoughts ... Barry Macdonald

Final Thoughts…

Maybe they put a little bit of content around it or maybe they would come up with an original comment, but ultimately, it boils down to the link that they are dropping. It is no surprise that the vast majority of people who market on forums this way fail. If you think about it hard enough, they’re not really marketing. They’re just basically throwing their links all over the place. Talk about a waste of time.

Focus on building credibility and building real online relationships and reputations and you will find yourself handsomely rewarded.

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