If there is any one marketing platform you need to pay attention to, it is Quora.com. Quora is the internet’s leading question and answer platform. People from all over the world post questions on Quora related to all sorts of topic categories. Whatever question you may have posted on Quora, chances are, somebody with the right knowledge set will answer your question sooner rather than later.

That’s how big Quora is. In fact, Quora is the top 200 websites on the planet in terms of traffic volume. Quora, as afar as traffic generation is concerned, is not going to go away any time soon. Given the tremendous traffic potential that Quora represents, it really is quite mindboggling why so many people fail on that platform.

In fact a lot of Clickbank marketers completely blow it on Quora. I’ve gone through many of these accounts. I’ve gone through many of their posts. After connecting the dots, I can confidently say that the vast majority of Clickbank marketers who fail on Quora fail on three grounds.

First, they don’t care about the question that they are answering. They just look at Quora as a place to drop links. Let me tell you, the moment you answer a question with information that is not directly related to the question, you are a spammer. At least that’s how the system will treat you. If you put a link to your answer, chances are, it will get removed. There is also a high possibility that if you keep this up, your account will get banned.

Another common reason why Clickbank marketers fail on Quora is that they are so eager to drop a link. When they join, they immediately start answering questions directly related to their niche. They also immediately drop a link in those answers. Bad move. Quora is not a spam platform. In fact, it has algorithms to detect precisely this kind of behavior. This is clearly not the way to Make Money on Clickbank.

It would really be bad for you to answer 100 questions and drop links to all 100 questions, only to have all your answers deleted and your account banned. That happens quite often.

If you post only text for all your answers, you are putting yourself in a competitive disadvantage. There’s nothing more intimidating than a massive block of text. Don’t scare people off. Also, when you format your answers this way, your answer actually looks quite generic since competing Quora marketers also format their materials this way. Do yourself a big favor and put in the time and effort to format your answer.

How do you reformat your answer for maximum appeal (and possible upvotes) on Quora? Use different fonts, subheadings, embedded videos, pictures, or diagrams. The more interesting your answer looks, the more eyeballs (and traffic) your site gets.

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