If you want to market your products to a younger audience, there is no doubt that TikTok provides you with a great opportunity to do this.

With 689 million monthly active users worldwide, it has surprised many with its fast growth. To get the best out of TikTok you need to know what you are doing and in this article, we will explain the best way to approach it.

Understand the TikTok Platform First

Just jumping on to the TikTok platform not knowing what you are doing will turn users away so you need to study it carefully before you get involved. Take a look at the most popular videos on TikTok and work out why users are attracted to them.

You also need to know how to interact properly with TikTok users. If you get this wrong then you will drive users away in droves. You must realize that TikTok is all about fun and entertainment. There are a ton of mini music videos that do well as well as humorous videos too.

There is no place on TikTok for pushy sales messages. In the United States, most users are between 16 and 24 years old and are not interested in sales pitches. You have to be creative in the way that you connect with TikTok users. 

Your Content Must Be Fun

You have to be prepared to create really fun content for TikTok. Once you get used to doing this you can create really inexpensive videos that have a major impact on the platform. TikTok users are not expecting top-quality Hollywood style videos so you can record on your smartphone and this will be totally acceptable.

It really is best to keep it simple and not try to be too clever. Create light-hearted videos that showcase your products used entertainingly. TikTok users will really appreciate this and believe that you are authentic and will trust you.

Use Hashtag Challenges

Many brands and organizations have had a lot of success with hashtag challenges. You create a branded hashtag and then use it to promote a challenge where users create their own videos using your hashtag.

A good example of this was the hashtag challenge created by Guess Jeans. Their challenge was to ask TikTok users to create videos of themselves wearing their Guess clothes “their way”. Their hashtag was #inmydenim.

Use Influencers

There are already influencers on TikTok that have huge followings of millions. This is a great way to extend your brand reach on the platform. Not all influencers will be willing to work with you. Your brand and style need to fit with theirs or they will turn you down.

Influencers need to be comfortable with your products. If they like them then they will be willing to showcase them to their audience. Do your homework here and use external tools to check on potential influencer bios before you commit to working with them.

TikTok Ads

Recently TikTok launched its ads program. Here you can pay for different ad types which are all in short-form video format to extend your reach. There are four types of TikTok ads:

  1. Native Ads (in feed)
  2. Hashtag Challenges
  3. Brand Takeovers
  4. Branded Lenses

By using these ads strategically you will be able to reach out to many TikTok users. There are targeting options for you to narrow down your audience and these will improve over time. Time will tell how effective TikTok ads are.

Using The Best Hashtags For Your TikTok Content

Like other social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok uses hashtags. Hashtags are very important if you want users to discover your videos on TikTok so you must use the right ones.

For marketers on the TikTok platform, there are many ways that you can discover good hashtags which we will explain in this article. It is good to use the correct hashtags to relate to previous posts you have made on the platform.

Why Hashtags are so Important on TikTok

There are a few reasons why using the right hashtags is very important on TikTok. The most important of these is to extend your reach and get more views for your videos. The best approach is to use a hashtag related to the content of your videos. By doing this other TikTok users will begin to trust you are more likely to follow you.

Some TikTok users use misleading hashtags to try and get in on some trend. Usually, this results in TikTok users staying away from their content after experiencing videos that had nothing to do with the hashtag used. Don’t do this with your content.

Being successful with TikTok is all about driving engagement. There is nothing wrong with using hashtags from trending topics on the platform as long as your video relates to it. With more views, you are likely to get more likes (hearts) and more followers.

A lot of TikTok users search for specific videos on the platform. When you use the right hashtags you can help them find your content. Relevant hashtags are always the best as TikTok users do not like anything misleading.

How do you find the right Hashtags?

One of the best ways to find the best hashtags to use for your content is to really know your audience. Find out what hashtags your audience follows and then use these in the right situations. Never be tempted to just use random hashtags or you will end up with a low number of views to your videos.

After establishing yourself on the TikTok platform you can start to create your own customized hashtags and let your audience know about this. If you are new don’t start by doing this as you will run the risk of nobody finding your content.

Have a good look at what your competitors are doing about hashtags. Identify their popular videos and see what hashtags they used. The best marketers on TikTok always know who their competitors are and what they do to increase the number of views to their videos.

TikTok has several influencers that have millions of followers. You can look at their videos and see what they have done to become successful on the platform. Again look for some of their most successful posts and note what hashtags they used with them.

With competitors and influencers, you can also learn from their mistakes. Identify some of their posts that didn’t do very well and see which hashtags they used. You can also watch their videos to see if there are any clues to why they failed.

External Hashtag Suggestion Tools

There are several external tools that you can use which will suggest hashtags for you. They usually work based on you typing in related keywords for your niche and then presenting you with hashtag suggestions. Two of the best tools for this are “Seekmetrics” and “All Hashtags”.

How To Use TikTok Analytics To Track Your Success

When you are marketing on TikTok you must monitor your performance regularly so that you can make changes to your strategy. If you don’t do this, you have no way of knowing if what you are doing is working.

TikTok has created a very useful analytics package that you can use to identify all of your important numbers. Success with TikTok marketing is all about engagement and the analytics package will show you how well you are doing in this regard. The analytics on TikTok is a bit basic now, but they will certainly improve as the platform grows.

Change to a Pro Account

If you have a normal TikTok user account you will need to change this to a Pro account so that you can use the analytics package. This is really simple to do and will not cost you anything. The analytics will provide you with some great insights so this is definitely worth doing.

All you need to do to convert to a Pro account is go to your profile page and then in the settings tap on “Manage My Account”. This automatically takes you to another screen where you will find the “Switch to Pro Account” link. Tap on this and you will then need to choose the most relevant category for your TikTok account.

TikTok will then want you to enter your mobile phone number so that they can send you a verification code via SMS. When you receive this code simply enter it into the form provided and you are now a Pro account user. When you first create your TikTok account we recommend that you switch to a Pro account immediately. This is because the analytics system will not record any of your data until you are a Pro user.

Analytics Categories

After switching to a Pro account on TikTok you will see an “Analytics” option in your profile settings. When you tap on this you will see your analytics dashboard. If your account is new you will need to wait a few days for data to build up and display metrics for you.

Within your TikTok analytics dashboard you will see 3 categories that you can look at. These are:

  1. Your profile overview
  2. Content insights
  3. Follower insights

There are tabs available for each of these at the top of the screen. When you tap on them you will see more detail and can perform a deep dive into the numbers.

Your Profile Overview

Here you can see how well your TikTok profile is generally performing. The screen displays total profile views, total video views, and total followers. You will see the video views first and you can choose to look at these over a 7 day or 28 day period. There is a daily breakdown for most of the analytics.

Next up you can see your profile views and then after this your follower count.

Content Insights

Here you can find some very useful metrics for every one of your video posts. The metrics are:

  • Total hearts (likes) for the post
  • Total comments for the post
  • Total shares for the post
  • Total video playtime
  • Total video views
  • The Average watch time
  • Sources of traffic
  • Audience territories

You will see the audience territories broken down to country level such as United States, United Kingdom etc.

Follower Insights

Here you receive a top-level view of your audience demographics. You will see audience numbers per country in percentage format and a breakdown by gender.

Best Ideas For TikTok Videos And How To Increase Your Following

There is no point in creating a lot of TikTok videos if nobody is going to watch them. In this article, we will provide you with some of the best ideas for TikTok videos and show you how you can increase the number of followers you have.

The Lip-Sync Video

With the previous Musical.ly app lip-sync videos were very popular and they still are on TikTok. What you can do here is to take a famous music clip and record yourself “lip-syncing” to it. Others will want to see this video and will let you know how well you performed with it.

Reaction Duet Videos

The Duet video is another very popular type on TikTok. All you need to do here is to open the video that you want to create a Duet reaction to and then find the “Share” icon and tap on it. From here you can tap on “Duet” and record or upload another video so that both videos appear side by side.

Videos about Pets

Some of the most popular videos on YouTube feature cute cats and dogs doing funny things. These videos are very popular on TikTok and always have your camera ready to record your pet doing crazy stuff.

Trend Videos

If there is something trendy going on at the moment, such as a festival, for example, you can record your own videos about it. If you attended the festival, you can shoot footage while you are there and upload this to TikTok.

Skills Videos

Do you have a particular skill that you want to show off to the world? Maybe you are great at baking or shuffle dancing. Whatever it is you can create a short clip and get it on TikTok. Remember that you can speed up or slow down a video for better effect.

Travel Videos

If you will be traveling, be sure to take some interesting videos when you are at your destination. Make these as fun as you can. Many TikTok users enjoy watching travel videos so give them what they want.

How to Increase your TikTok Following

The starting point here is to create videos that are fun and entertaining. TikTok users do not want to watch boring videos. You need to be consistent with your video creation and posting. Once TikTok users start liking your content then they will want more and more.

A video series usually works well. If you intend to create a video once a week then keep to this. Create a schedule using a calendar app to receive reminders that you need to create and upload your videos to TikTok.

There are several influencers on TikTok that you can connect with to help spread the word about your videos. Approach them and see what they say. Some will be willing to help you by sharing your videos with their following.

We recommend that you share your videos on your other social media accounts. Also, upload them to your YouTube channel. Take the time to like and comment on the videos of other TikTok users. Some users will reciprocate with your videos.

Take the time to follow other TikTok accounts every day. Not only does this leave a footprint but a lot of users will follow you back.

Final Thoughts…

Final Thoughts ... Barry Macdonald

TikTok users are looking for fun and entertaining content. Brands and organizations that have used the platform successfully for marketing know this and have posted creative videos that get the users involved in their brand in a fun way. If you want to succeed with TikTok marketing you must do the same.

More and more businesses are starting to realize the power of the TikTok platform but as things stand it is not saturated with marketing. This means that it is an ideal time for you to get started and establish yourself on TikTok while there is less competition.

You need to be committed to marketing on TikTok. Don’t make the mistake of posting a lot of videos at once and then do nothing for a long time. The users will just forget about you. Get organized and create a content marketing schedule for TikTok and stick to it.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. If you found it informative I would appreciate a share.

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