You might already know that Facebook is limiting the amount of company page content that it shows on most users’ news feeds in favor of more content from their friends. This means that it won’t be as easy as it used to be to reach people organically.

So, here are some essential tips and tricks to boost your organic reach and take the marketing world by storm in no time:

Ask More Questions

One of the simplest ways to augment your organic reach is by posting questions on your social media handle, typically Facebook. Question posts get lots of shares and interaction, which counts towards making your posts and your brand more visible!

You can typically think of different aspects that you can cover, all relevant to your brand, and post questions regularly like twice a week. Not only this, there’s more to it. After posting the question, you need to constantly interact with your audience and stay in touch. Let them know that you’re concerned about their response and seriously looking forward to their replies. You can also appreciate their response that will motivate them to respond more frequently, thus boosting your organic reach.

Get Honest Feedback

Seeking honest feedback is highly appreciated because it gives room for improvement. And asking people for feedback, comments or recommendations is another great way of boosting your organic reach through engagement. An effective way to do this is by setting up polls that are easy to share and respond to. Another great way of doing this is by posting honest comments in the comments section of the post. Reactions on Facebook posts also give a general idea about how a visitor likes your post, but polls and comments are better for detailed feedback.

Run Contests

Running contests is another efficient way to increase page ranking and extend your reach. The catch is to run the contests on Facebook only for your fans and roll out exclusive offers for the ones who share the contest with their friends or family. The offers can be a discount on their first purchase, or consecutive 3 purchases, a flat discount of 100 bucks on a minimum purchase of products/services of 2000 or more, etc.

Such strategies will help you get more fans and boost user engagement, ultimately extending your user reach.


Facebook is looking to compete with platforms such as YouTube and Snapchat by discouraging people from uploading videos from those video-sharing sites in favor of rewarding those who upload their videos directly to Facebook. This would, in turn, reduce the use of other sites to share videos on Facebook, thus encouraging the audience to record and upload their videos directly.

This means that video posts and Facebook Live broadcasts get more organic exposure and are recommended by Facebook itself!


Facebook might have limited its organic reach on the news feed, but it still has a powerful search feature that you can leverage to boost your organic reach. So make sure to use tags, hashtags, and search engine optimizations in your content to make sure your brand easier to discover organically.

Good Luck and Get started to expand your reach Now…

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