To say that there’s a lot of hype online regarding the profit potential of social media marketing would be an understatement indeed. Social media marketing can definitely help you make money online. You just have to be clear on how. Here are four ways marketing in social media platforms can help you explode your affiliate sales.

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#.1 Automation

The great thing about social media is that it can be automated. Take the case of Twitter.  You can use certain online tools to publish to Twitter even though you’re sleeping. If you are at work or taking on a vacation, your Twitter account is still publishing day after day, week after week, month after month. You can set it up and you can forget it. This enables you to send out your marketing messages for an extended period of time, come back and analyze your results, optimize those messages and see if there is an improvement. This cuts down on your cost and can scale up your success.

#2. Repurposed Content

Another great reason why you should market on social media is that you can take one article and turn it into many different pieces of content. You can strip it down into questions and turn it into a series of tweets. You can turn the article text into a voice-over over the slideshow and share the video on YouTube. You can turn the information that you shared in the article into an informative graphic. There are so many ways you can repurpose your content. Each of those repurposed forms is a piece of content that you can share on social media.

#3. Trend Or Hashtag Marketing

People on Facebook and Twitter search for material using hashtags. If you know the most relevant hashtags in your niche, you can target those people precisely at the time where they are most interested to know more about your niche.

#4. Leverage Your Niche’s Top 3rd Party Content

In any niche, there are movers and shakers. In any niche, there are tried and proven credible authorities. Use these peoples’ content to build up your own authority. They wouldn’t mind because you’re driving traffic to them. This creates a win-win situation. Just make sure that you have a clear vision of your marketing niche.

Wrap your mind around the four ways listed above. These help you explode your sales using social media. It can be done. You just have to be systematic and methodical about it. A little bit of advanced planning can definitely go a long way. You have to do things strategically. Otherwise, if you just proceed based on hype, don’t be shocked if you get disappointed time and time again.  Learn the strong points of social media. Use it as it is intended to be used. Try not to expect results that don’t fit its internal mechanics and operations. View it with the proper perspective and it shouldn’t let you down.

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